29 June, 2011

Almost Missed It!

A few weeks ago, I bought a stack of vintage linens at an estate sale.
An old linen sheet was in the stack, and I thought it might make
a really pretty shower curtain.

The inset is a crocheted lace, very tiny stitches.

I didn't notice this...

It's so pretty and the stitching is amazing.
It took me awhile to figure out the initials,
but I think it's a T and L.
Do you see something different?

ann marie


  1. I see Taylor's initials, too. What a score!

  2. That's what I see too. The T is very easy to pick out the L is a bit harder...but I don't see any other possiblity, VERY very pretty! xo Diana

  3. oooh great find. It will look great as a shower curtain.

  4. a find indeed!! the last piece is a beauty, and I love the idea of using the first sheet as a shower curtain- such lovely detailing with the crocheted lace.


    p.s. thank you for your very kind comment!

  5. I really wouldn't mind doing the mountains of laundry that pile up around here if my laundry room looked as pretty as yours! Your new linens are my favorite finds too... hmmmmm I see a theme here! t. xoxoxoxo


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