25 December, 2012

Christmas Playhouse Surprise!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Marc and I spent the last couple of days building a special Christmas gift for Emry, Caroline, Matry and Annabelle.
Also for Caroline's little brother or sister...we don't know which yet :)
All of this was built step by step with no plans...
just my vision of what I wanted the end result to be.
At the beginning...
Day two.
Day three.

Cheap labor :)

Very early Christmas morning...
Wrigley was checking everything out.
I moved the Christmas tree from the family room to the playhouse
because I needed the room in there for Emry's present.
It was a huge hit!

I think it'll be enjoyed by all the girls!

Annabelle may be a little young to understand
 all the fun times ahead with her sisters and cousins....
Have a safe and wonderful New Year!
oh...Mrs Potato Head's glasses...rough morning...
ann marie

17 December, 2012

Vintage Sparkle

I've always loved vintage.
I think it just gives me a sense of comfort.
Things seemed to be simpler.
Times seemed to be safer.
Maybe they weren't, but we didn't know that.
Many of these pieces hold special memories for me.
Roadside find and memories.
The stunning blue necklace was a wedding gift from my father in law to his bride.
The strand of pearls with the cameo clasp belonged to my Grandmother, she was born in 1895.
I think my mom may have been a surprise.
My Grandmother, Eva, kept all her earrings in this tiny container.
I think she may have had 6 or 7 pairs.
I remember helping her pick out the earrings she would wear that day.
I took all these little works of art out of boxes they'd been sitting in.
I remarked to my husband it was like Christmas morning,
I hadn't seen some of these in awhile.
Others I simply forgot I had.
I know that my display is a male torso.
He's pretty and useful, what more can you ask for?
One of my very favorite little people...
in her pink Patriot's jersey.
ann marie


05 December, 2012

Going Gray :)

It's not what you're thinking...
After an extremely busy year, I took the month of December off.
So...I'm getting some things done around here while I have the time.
We sold the dark leather couch, loveseat and chair.
We sold the rug.
We sold the coffee table that was way too big for this room.
This is the only picture I could find that shows the dark rug, furniture and coffee table,
kind of.
I wanted a lighter room with comfortable furniture.
We bought a new couch.
We bought a new rug.
I brought my Wingback chairs in from the Family Room.
I love the legs on these chairs.
This is my "before" of how the room was this morning.
I had already started to disassemble the room.
A couple of hours later and this is what we now have.
New wall color?
Why, Going Gray of course!
ann marie