07 January, 2013

Playhouse Update-The Inside Story

We finished building the playhouse right before Christmas.
You can see the reaction Christmas morning here-
Since then, I've painted the outside-

Painted the interior walls high gloss white...

Painted the floor a bright and cheerful sunshine yellow...

Created my own, very simple stencil out of foamboard.
White Spray paint was used to successfully add some interest to all that yellow.
All in all a very easy project.
I applied 2 coats of poly so it'll be somewhat protected,
but wear and tear will only make it better.
I subscribe to using the KISS method when at all possible!

So yesterday, after several days of South Texas winter weather...clouds and temps in the 40's and 50's...
I started to create a playhouse where I hope lots and lots of wonderful memories will be made.
I had left over cabinets from a kitchen remodel we did
at my daughter's home.
All the cabinets were "FREE".
Builder remodeling models and giving away very nice cabinets.
This playhouse has better cabinets than I do!
So, we needed a stove and refrigerator and a sink.

Fridge on one right...pantry on the left.
I didn't go through all the work of putting a wall up in between the two.
It's a playhouse...KISS method.

Wiped everything down with a liquid sandpaper, spray paint and primer all in one, high gloss white.
I used leftover pieces of 2x4s to make little legs to raise them up a little off the floor.

I secured the cabinets to the wall in several places,
just to be sure they stayed where I placed them.
I used a pine stair tread and 2x4s for the countertop.

1x6's and 1x8's for the backsplash.
I like it natural so I'll just put a coat or two of poly on it all.
Now's when all the fun stuff happened!

I brought in all the food, pots and pans, dishes, utensils, towels...
everything Santa brought the girls for Christmas.

Add a table and chairs and a sweet little bench.
Then, throw in one little girl who thought this was the best thing ever!
She gets to open and close those cabinet doors 
as much as her little heart desires...
and no one is telling her she shouldn't!

We also had a left over medicine cabinet that's just her size!

I still have to add the handles to the cabinets...
I couldn't find my drill bits yesterday.

I also have to figure out how I want to handle the windows.
Right now I have windows made from a clear shower liner...
I have to keep the rain out somehow and this is working for right now :)
I also have to make a door...
right now I have a large piece of blackout lining attached to the outside of the door frame.
That's also working for right now.

Matry will bring the pie...
she's been practicing her rolling technique
Caroline can make the cookies...
Em will supervise!
I think a Housewarming Party
is in our near future!

So, until the final reveal, here she is in all her glory!
ann marie