26 June, 2011

Estate Sale Fiasco!

Maybe the title of this post should have been...
Funny Story.
Marc has Thursdays and Fridays off.
We decided we'd hit a few Estate Sales Friday morning.
First one was in Garden Ridge, and we got to see a set of twin fawns running around with their momma while we waited to go in.
Picked up a few small things and moved on.
The next one was in Alamo Heights, and parking was nonexistent.
We went around the block, got a drink at McDonald's and walked the short distance to the sale.
There were so many great things, but we only bought a blue and white pot and a small Spanish pendant light.

We were very happy and having a wonderful time.
Our next stop was a sale in Castle Hills.
Except it's really hard to get there when you go back to your truck and IT IS NOT WHERE YOU PARKED IT!
You see, there's a sign at McDonald's driveway that says if you are not in their restaurant, you will be towed.
Of course we didn't see that as we were driving in with all the cars behind us, and there weren't any signs in the parking area.
Marc was not amused.
So, we had to wait for Taylor to pick us up.
Then we had to drive 30 minutes or so to the impound lot and wait while they processed our paperwork.
We saw about 10 other cars being towed from the same area while we were waiting,
so I can only imagine how many were actually towed in the course of one day.
Sounds like a pretty lucrative business to me.
Originally, I thought I got a really good deal on my little light.

It has such pretty details.

And the etched glass is in perfect condition.

So, I replaced this generic light in our hallway,

with my new lantern.

I like it.

The Estate Sale price was a sweet $12.50.
The real world price after paying the $288.25 for the towing & impound fee rounds it up to a nice even $300.
I realize it was our fault for parking there, even if it was for a very short time.
I do have to say that we have never run into a sign like theirs before.
I guess they call out your license plate and if you don't respond, your vehicle is history.
I would be a little paranoid about going to the rest room there.
The moral of the story is-read all the signs.
Especially at the Mickey D's across from Central Market in Alamo Heights!

ann marie


  1. Ann Marie, OMG he must have been furious!! I love your lantern though.

    That is just a racket at McD's!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my fashionable Giveaway!!

  2. Sorry that happened to you. My daughter and her friend got towed from a McDonalds also. They went to a concert across the street and learned a very expensive lesson not to park there and go somewhere else.

  3. That's one of my worst nightmares. Not the worst but in the top 10 for sure. I'll bet McD's gets a kickback too.

    Nonetheless, you light looks beautiful and it has a great backstory that you'll laugh about one day.

  4. I like it too! All that but you got something gorgeous.

  5. What a stinker! But the fixture is gorgeous :-)!

  6. Oh, that seems so harsh, but you can't argue with the towing company. As everyone has commented, at least the lamp is very, very pretty. Thanks goodness.

  7. Well, I love the light...but how unfortunate about the parking situation. That happened to me once. It's sickening to have to pay to get your car back out isn't it? But you did get a good deal on the light. You'll just have to try not to associate the parking situation with it. Thanks for linking up at Mod Mix Monday!

  8. Aw, I really feel bad for you, that kind of thing has happened to us, too and it stinks!
    I'm glad your light is really beautiful, it would be sad if you just barely liked it after all of that.
    I love it and it looks great hung in your hallway!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. love your new light (and the light it casts) and it looks great in your hall; sorry about the towing....that is so not nice.
    I loved reading through your post and seeing all the neighborhood names of my youth.... I was born and raised in SA! love the photo of your house in your header.



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