30 October, 2013

Short and Sweet Hallway

When the architect designed the new space,
we had a tiny space connecting the kitchen, powder room and master bedroom.
Signed bird print over the desk-yard sale.
Brass rooster, there are two-estate sale.
We've had this little rolltop desk and chair for over
25 years.
We lived on base when we were stationed at Hanscom AFB over 25 years ago.
We lived on a cul de sac.
One day I went out to empty the trash and one of my neighbors was putting this desk and chair
in the trash.
They had just bought their daughter a new desk from a local furniture store
and didn't want this little treasure.
I literally dragged it and the chair home right then and there.
I was afraid to leave it out there even for a few minutes :)
Trash picking/dumpster diving...
well worth it :)
ann marie

25 October, 2013

Monkeying Around in the Powder Room

Now that we're wrapping this little adventure up,
the rooms are getting finished and it looks like
they've been here forever :)
We chose this Rain Forest Marble for the Powder Room vanity.
Add to that the world's most petite sink.
Thank goodness I don't have to wash dishes in this sink.
I love the Antiqued Brass faucet we used too.
I found some antique wall sconces on Etsy...
rewired them...
ordered candle sleeves and other parts from Lumiere Candles Inc.
threw some crystals on them...
I thought I'd ordered wallpaper that was not pre-pasted,
so I was a little surprised when it arrived.
I scrambled for something large enough to put the wallpaper in to get it wet.
Hey, it worked just fine.
I can remember this Madonna at my grandmother's home.
I have it now and I really love it.
There are so many memories associated with it.
It's so nice to have more than one bath...
especially when we have company...
Football day :)
Sophie's happy it's almost finished too...
really, she is.
ann marie

16 October, 2013


Here's a quick look back at the original 1951 kitchen we started with.
We gutted that kitchen and lived with the much improved version.
This is what it looked like the morning demolition started...
it really was a cute kitchen.
Fast forward about 4 months and we're finally here...
Granite installation day!
I felt like it should be a National Holiday or something...
this was better than Christmas morning when I was a kid :)
It was somewhat of a wresting match to get it in place.
There's only one seam in this stretch of countertop...
it's in the middle of the sink and is barely noticeable.
You couldn't find it if I didn't point that out.
As soon as they were installed, I started my next project...
the backsplash.
The sink and dishwasher weren't even hooked up yet.
Vintage coolers make great sinks.
These tiles were definitely easier to work with than the 18" and 20" floor tiles!
Mixed my own custom light grey grout :)
One of my favorite details in the kitchen.
Yes, those are tiny finishing nails I used as spacers.
I absolutely love how it's all turned out!
It's even better than I envisioned it would or could be.
Here are a few more pictures of our finished kitchen...well, 99.9% finished .
With the exception of actually expanding the size of the kitchen...
this was all done inexpensively.
Stock unfinished cabinets from Home Depot.
We were able to order 36" uppers.
I painted them myself.
We added 1'x4's and crown to the top.
The crown runs all around the kitchen for a custom look.
This isn't the route for lots of people, but we used them in our last kitchen and actually liked them.
I can repaint whenever I feel like it.
They're not $15,000 of laminate cabinets.
They came in at about $1,000.
That works for me.
They don't have self closing drawers or doors...
what's the purpose for that anyway?
The backsplash tile is from Lowes.
The porcelain floor tile is from a local store and was only $1.69 per square foot.
Our Bosch dishwasher...love...was a return at our local Best Buy...less than half the price of a new in the box one.
Cabinet hardware was purchased online...solid brass.
We reused the sink, faucet, stove and range hood from our previous kitchen.
Lanterns were a yard sale find...I removed the glass, took them apart and painted them...
$10 for the pair.
Schoolhouse lights were a Craigslist find.
Notice that the canopies at the ceiling are different.
Our electrician thought I was crazy for using the lighting I chose throughout the addition.
He soon figured out that he was correct.
We saved thousands of $$$ because I did almost all the finish work myself.
I did all the painting...
floor tiling...
backsplash tiling...
grouting...more painting...
I've been busy, but I've loved every minute of it.
ann marie