27 January, 2010


We're having our Supper Club over Saturday evening and needed additional seating. I decided to make a pair of simple slip covers from items I already had on hand.  I actually picked these chairs up a few months ago at a local swapmeet.  Here's what I started with-

The slipcovers are made from unbleached muslin.  I pleated the bottom portion and then added some trim. A look at the in progress-

I like that the muslin really lightens the look of the chairs.  The trim is tiny and I feel it was the perfect understated detail.  Here they are finished.

I also made 2 10x16 pillows-again out of scraps and trim.
ann marie

20 January, 2010

Only the tub remained standing...

I'd like to share our bathroom story.  Our home is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath 1951 cottage.  Tiny bath. We tore everything out-except the bathtub. So, here's what it looked like when we bought the house-(sorry about the poor photo quality) Oh, that's a picture of dogs playing poker to the left of the shower. How funny is that.

After demolition, which we did ourselves, we started putting her back together.  We didn't pay for labor on anything other than our plumber-we needed to replace shower fixtures. We did all the work ourselves. Very rewarding, both financially and personally.  This is now one of my favorite rooms.  I just love the marble floor-it was a splurge, but I figured it was such a small room the attention to detail would really stand out.  This is how it looks now-

Since this picture was taken, we installed new windows throughout the house.  I probably could update my pictures-it's on my list.
ann marie

12 January, 2010

Trashed Ottoman to Treasure

I wanted an upholstered ottoman and wouldn't spend lots of $$$$ for it. I bought this ottoman on Craigslist for $10.  I know- I spent too much for it.  I guess this is what 4 cats can do to a piece of furniture!  However, it is really solid and there's also storage.  I'm always on the lookout for pieces that can do double duty.  I LOVE getting a bargain, especially one I can get creative with.  Here's the before-

I have yards of this linen-fabric is an addiction for me-I can't help it.  Anyway, a couple of hours work and fabric and trim I had on hand and
My new-to-me $10 ottoman.  Here's what it looks like in it's new home.

ann marie

11 January, 2010

Outdoor Bath & Shower

Well, when we decided NOT to add a new Master Bedroom and Bath, I decided to use the clawfoot bathtub we had purchased anyway!  So, one Thursday morning I built the enclosure, made countless visits to Lowe's for plumbing supplies and a shower fixture and created my outdoor bathing area.  It looks even better when all my ferns and plants are there, but it's 25 degrees out and my plants are tucked safely away in my warm studio.  There's nothing better than a fire in the chimenea, candles lit, a hot lavender bubble bath,  a glass of red wine and the stars in the sky above you to unwind after a long day!

08 January, 2010

Where to begin...

Let's take a look at the "befores".  Keep in mind that this is a very sound structure.  They really don't build houses like this today.  Also keep in mind that the previous owner smoked in this house-I think for many, many years.  Thank goodness that there was no smoke odor left.

Let's start with the living room-

Beautiful, no?
How about the kitchen.

It gets better!  This is what the inspector found in the vent hood!

BATS!  From the looks of them, they'd been there for quite some time.
The bedrooms weren't too bad.  We do have rather large closets for a home of this age.

What is now our dining room was once dubbed the "man" room.  Lots and lots of knotty pine beadedboard.

Now for the one and only bath.  It's cozy-teeny tiny cozy.

I still have the unfinished one car garage with the attached laundry room to show, but I haven't found those pictures yet.  Next time we'll get to the demolition portion of our program.  Did it ourselves-so much fun!!

07 January, 2010

It was love at first sight! No, really.

Even though she didn't look like much, we could see all the potential.  She'd not been lived in for seven years.  The previous owner stayed here occasionally when in town for business.  This was his mom's house and she loved it.  So begins the story...