13 May, 2013

The Morticia Rose

It's springtime in Texas and everything is growing and blooming.
The front yard smells wonderful...all my roses are blooming!
The trellis is doing a great job holding up that rose...
Gorgeous, right?
Well, that was what it looked like in the fall.
This is the Morticia version, definitely not new and improved.
I don't know what happened...
it was green and full of blooms and enjoying life...
and then it just kind of died.
So sad :(
I guess there may be a little good news...
 Seems that there are new canes beginning to grow :)
 Maybe I should call it the Phoenix rose?
Here's a few shots of the front yard.
I figured I'd take a few pictures before the
dumpster and port-a-potty arrive  :)
ann marie

10 May, 2013

Kitchen Lanterns

I had the best "before" pictures.
I didn't realize I didn't have a card in my camera.
So, these lanterns with glass and an ORB finish looked like this.

They were a little dusty.
Pretty boring and generic.
They were in a box at a local church's yard sale.
$10 for the two.
Not bad, right?
We're toying with the idea of a very narrow island in the kitchen.
Something that isn't permanently attached.
Something along the lines of this.
or this...
When Marc found these lights I thought I would try to DIY
this inspiration lantern I found on Pinterest.
These will hopefully hang over our narrow island.
While we're talking about the kitchen/bedroom/bathrooms addition,
We finally have our permit from the City.
It took our GC, Jeff, almost a month!
Everytime he went in with all the paperwork asked for there was something else he needed to provide. 
What a process!
Thank goodness for Jeff...I hope he's as good as Steve's contractor, Sam :)
It's a good thing this journey is finally starting, our house is starting to look like a home improvement store!
ann marie

03 May, 2013

Powder Room Thoughts

While we're waiting for permits to begin the actual building,
I've been trying to fine tune my ideas on all these rooms.
Here's what I'm thinking...
old oak dresser as the vanity...needs a little TLC.
Maybe stain it a darker color?
Maybe paint it?
Still exploring different scenarios.
marble or granite top similar to this....
this large oval antique mirror...
antique brass faucet...
upholstered walls...at least the top half or so.
I'm toying with wainscoting in a darker color...
dark olive green that's in the fabric...
or maybe the blue...
This is similar to the tile we're using...
a porcelain travertine look a like...
a light background with shades of greys and browns.
I haven't decided on vanity hardware or lighting yet.
It's definitely been a fun challenge doing this as inexpensively as possible.
We'll be pricing ourselves out of the neighborhood.
Good thing we don't plan on moving anywhere any time soon.
ann marie