27 August, 2013

People...We Have WALLS!

Things are rolling along here...
we have walls.
As I write this post, I have workers floating...
They're singing as they work.
I like it.
It all started with insulation...lots of it.
We're on Pier and Beam, so the underneath of the house will be insulated.
Sheetrock delivery.
110 sheets.
Matry liked our new "couch".
I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.
We get such great light in this house.
You can see where the old kitchen ended.
That dark rectangle at the bottom left was where the original sink cabinet was.
There's a strip of OSB to transition the old with the new.
It was very interesting watching these guys work.
There are two windows on this wall.
They have a zip type of tool, something like a
Dremel I guess and that's what they use to cut the openings.

Next was the taping and mudding...
Things are starting to look "finished".
They'll sand next...
that will be a huge mess!
After that's done though, I'll be able to clean my house!!
At this stage in the process, cleaning feels like a losing battle.
Most of the walls will be textured.
I'll install cabinets as soon as the walls dry and get the granite folks out to template my countertops.
We're using a family owned company located here in Schertz and they've really been great to work with!
The fun stuff starts soon!
ann marie

19 August, 2013


I'm just about done painting the exterior.
I'll take care of the really high painting when someone is home...
just in case.

We now have another one of these...
necessary here in Texas.
The ductwork looks like an alien sculpture.
That's OK though...it'll be bringing all that cool air to where it needs to be...
and on those 7 or 8 days of Winter, the air will be warm ;)

The doors are here.
They are two panel doors that somewhat match the original doors.
You really can't see the old doors when you're in the new section.
Here's all the bathroom tile and also my beveled subway tile
that will be used on the kitchen backsplash.
Tomorrow will see insulation going in.
Wednesday and Thursday will be sheet rock and texturing.
Then my fun starts...
Kitchen Cabinet installation...
Bathroom tiling...
Kitchen, Hall, Powder Room tiling...
Laundry Room/Mudroom Cabinets, Beadboard and Countertop...
I think I'll be busy for a little while.
ann marie


16 August, 2013

Hobbit Door

Hobbit Doors...
doesn't everyone have one?
You can see ours on the right...
this version is much better than the original...
There it is on the left in all it's plastic sheeting glory!
It was like walking into a plastic bag every time you walked through the doorway.
It also billowed in and out when the AC was running...
which is almost all the time when you have temps over 100 degrees...
and huge portions of your house that is not insulated yet and therefore
extremely HOT!
All should experience the joy that is felt when you stoop and walk through the Hobbit door and lay your eyes on this wondrous sight-
This is where all of our 4 legged creatures have been
corralled while we're "under construction".
and Bijou.
Dog hair heaven.
Hoarders meets Animal Planet.
Totally ridiculous.
And, we have other rooms to rival this glorious mess,
Dining Room...
and our Guest Room.
Oh, the joys of construction.
While I'm really enjoying the process,
I can't wait for it to be finished.
ann marie