31 December, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Christmas has come and gone like a freight train!
All the grand daughters were here!
So were their parents.
And their aunt.
And their Memere and Pepere.
7 adults and 3 children in our cozy home.
And 4 dogs.
And lots of toys that made me feel like I was in Vegas!
I may have been a little over stimulated!


Good food was enjoyed!

Babies were enjoyed!

Gifts were enjoyed!

The boxes were enjoyed even more than the gifts in some cases!

Even the dogs got some lovin!
A wonderful time that went by too quickly.
It's just Marc and I this evening.
Shrimp Cocktail, Steaks on the grill (it's 77 degrees here right now),
Baked Potatoes, Corn on the Cob and a Spinach salad (spinach is from my garden).
Wish they were all still here...
My wish for them and for you is for a happy, healthy, prosperous and exciting 2012.
Be Safe!

ann marie

20 December, 2011

They'll Be Home For Christmas!!

Just a quick Hi! and Merry Christmas to you!
I've been CRAZY busy with my Etsy Shop!!
That's slowing down now and I'm getting the old homestead ready for Christmas.
All 3 of our girls will be here.
All 3 of our granddaughters will be here.
It's going to be amazing!
Here are some shots of what I've done around here.

The reindeer are ready to go.

I did a little sprucing up inside too.

This room will see lots of use in the next week.
Lots of food, drink and cards!

The kitchen smells so good with this wreath.

My mom got this child's sleigh from her good friend and neighbor years ago.
It was his as a child.
My folks had it packed up professionally and sent to me here in Texas.
I swear they could have dropped it from an airplane and it would have been fine.
It took forever to uncrate it.
When we moved to this much smaller house, the only place I could keep it was on top of the wall unit in our family room.

So, the trees are trimmed.

And we're waiting patiently...

Merry Christmas everyone.
I wish you peace and joy in the coming year.
And lots of DIY projects too!

ann marie