23 June, 2013

Ugly Progress

The workers were just setting up for the day's work.
First thing to go...
half of our Froot Loop brick patio...
the bricks are the color of Froot Loops when you power wash them.
1950's chic?
So off it went.
Our addition will be on Pier & Beam, just like the rest of the house is.
I never knew there was so much involved in figuring where to place them...
how high they need to be...
Very precise measurements and placement of the tubes.
The next morning, the concrete arrived...
there are 18 piers that need to be poured...
3 1/2 yards of concrete...
all with the help of a wheel barrow....
some shovels and trowels.
The have to put the concrete in by hand slowly and gently so the bottom spreads out so it's conical...
who knew!
This is where we started this morning...
Then all this happened in about 5 hours...
Last but not least?
Tearing off the cardboard from the piers...
The piers were treated for Termites and the guy recommended tearing off the tube...
it's a wood product and Termites love that!
While it's ugly right now, I keep looking at what it will be....
hopefully sooner rather than later :)
ann marie

20 June, 2013

Powder Room Selections...Changes

A few posts back I played with some ideas for the Powder Room.
I've decided to use my Vintage Jacobean Fabric elsewhere.
So...here are my more refined choices :)

Travertine Porcelain tile similar to this.

We're still using this Oak dresser as the vanity.
Mirror too.
One of these on each side of the mirror. 
This Antiqued Brass faucet.
We decided to not use Marble in the Kitchen,
so we're using it in the Powder Room.
We're using Rainforest Brown...
it's hardness is between Marble and Granite...
and Marc chose it..and we both think it's beautiful and exciting for such a little room!
We're using a remnant piece so it was somewhat affordable.
It will have a rectangular undermounted sink.
It will also have a 6" backsplash and both ends will have a curvy detail.
Just a gentle scrolly thing on the left and right edges...I couldn't find a picture online...
maybe we're starting a trend here?
There will be white beadboard that will go about 3' up.
And I'm thinking wallpaper above.
Something like this maybe?
or this?
We're of the mindset for this little room to
"go big or go home"
At this point I think we're set except for the wallpaper...maybe...
what do you think?
ann marie

08 June, 2013

Kitchen Selections

I think we've chosen our Granite.
Very exciting!
My first plan was to use Marble.
I don't know where this picture originated, it's all over Pinterest though.
Granite won out over Marble though.
I wanted light colored granite.
I like how the counter doesn't cut the room in half horizontally.
We went to the indoor stone yard.
Twice...ok, three times.
Translate-Air Conditioning in Texas in June :)
I keep going back to these slabs.
Greys, creams and some white.
Some motion and veining.
I think this is it.
Kashmir Cream
It should work nicely with my backsplash selection.
Cabinets will be a soft white, similar to this-
I'm using knobs on both doors and drawers.
Drawers will have two each.
Like this.
Antiqued Brass Knobs.
My flooring will be the 18" Porcelain Travertine
laid on the diagonnal.

The flooring will be on the light side also.
Light and bright with lots of windows.
And Crown Molding...

ann marie

07 June, 2013

Moving A House and Second Bathroom...It Begins

Our Renovation Journey has begun...
for better or for worse.
Temporary fence in place.
This will keep the dogs from annoying the bejeebers
out of the workers that are here on any given day.
The Playhouse had to move about 10 feet down the fence line.
My little Crepe Myrtle was spared...they moved around it :)
Last, but not least....
Our Second Bathroom!
Does it get any better than this?
I certainly hope so.
Stay Tuned.
ann marie

05 June, 2013

Gotta Love a Bargain

I've been looking for a replacement vanity for our bath for awhile.
With the house addition construction starting,
I figured it could wait until everything was finished.
Then add this to the equation...
This will work.
I have the other handle...
it was loose and I didn't want it flying out of the bed of the truck :)
I have the missing knob.
There were glass panels in the doors.
They broke at the store.
I'm putting shirred white linen panels on the doors instead.
Of course there is no way I would ever, ever even consider spending that amount on this vanity/faucet combo!
I could see myself spending...
I know, crazy right?
I could ditch the base and use the faucet and still have
a pretty good deal!
ann marie