22 June, 2011

Jardin Tuteur

 A few days ago, I had a brilliant idea.
I think I'll go out to the backyard, in the 100+ temps, and attempt to build a Tuteur for my wonderful heirloom tomato.
The one that is 5 feet tall and has yet to produce a single little yellow BLOOM!
Yep, I can say "Glutton for Punishment".
Here's what I started with.

About 8 dollars worth of wood.
I didn't use pressure treated, because supposedly,
 it'll be holding up a plant that will produce food for me to eat.
I also finally broke out the new toy Santa brought me for Christmas.
It took me longer to put this together than it did to build my tuteur.

It cut through all that wood like butter.
Love it!
So, once I kind of figured out how tall I wanted it,
I had to figure out the angle for the top of the legs.
It was a very scientific procedure.

I cut them at a 13 degree angle...I think.

Add crossbars wherever you want/need them.
You can get really intricate and detailed.
I did not.
All I needed was something strong and functional to support all those branches full of heavy tomatoes.

Cover the whole thing with some Oops paint and a mermaid, and Voila!
Your very own Jardin Tuteur!
Oh, why a mermaid?
I had a really nice empty wine bottle that I was going to invert and use as a finial.
Somewhat like a bottle tree.
Except that with only two of us living here in the house,
it disappeared.
No one knows how it found its way to the recycling bin.
So what's the next best thing for a tuteur finial?
A mermaid of course!

We got 2" of much needed rain last night.
Maybe my veggies will produce now?
We'll see.

ann marie


  1. Looks good and didnt take long it seems.

  2. its great...ok, I had a plant like that last year, probably three times that size...no tomatoes at all!!! I was so sad..hope yours grows some!

  3. LOL- Now wouldn't you know you would go and put a nekked lady on top?;>) You did a great job! Now I hope you are rewarded with some real fruits for your labor. (that sounded almost Biblical didn't it?;>) xo Diana


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