31 July, 2011

Walrus Doctor's Bag

It's actually a bag for a people doctor,not a doctor for a walrus.

I'm having lots of fun shopping for my new Etsy shop, The White Elephant Shop.
I came across this vintage Dr's bag and couldn't pass it up.
I Googled the Dr's name and saw that he graduated from Med School in 1941.
I love Google!
It also looks like it was made of walrus by the Pandora Co in Birmingham, Michigan.
Medicine has come a long way since then.
There are no tools or instruments in it, but it's still very interesting.
It has a top that opens,

with compartments that snap closed.
One compartment has a smaller compartment in it.

I can only imagine what was stored there.

Now to figure pricing.
Here are a few other things I've picked up.

Vintage Miniature Nativity Set

Vintage Hand Hemmed  Embroidered Men's Handkerchiefs

Vintage Unused 1956 Baby Memory Book

I have 4 different scenes of these 1961 prints
of an Antique Chinese Brocade of different birds.
They're quite long and I think they're beautiful!

That's it for now.

ann marie

23 July, 2011

Demijohn and Wooden Boxes

We went to a few Estate Sales yesterday.
We did avoid the tow truck adventure.
We came home with these...

small wooden boxes.
With teeny tiny dove tail joints
These will be great for displays.
They're not too big and they have some age.
The second find...

An old Demijohn.
The color of the glass is nice and what I can see of the body through the wicker looks like old wavy, seeded glass.

The wicker has a really nice patina too.
It's 15 1/2" tall and the diameter is 7".

They look good together.

They'll all be in my new Etsy shop,
I haven't listed anything yet,
but I think it'll be a good place for all the vintage finds I come across.

ann marie

16 July, 2011

The Nine Lives of the Side Table

Remember this curbside pick up?

Both the coffee table and side table spent the last year in Taylor's apartment on campus.
Taylor didn't need a side table, so we recycled it, again.
A quick trip to Lowes to pick up supplies.

This was a fast and easy project, and Taylor got some time in on the miter saw.
We took the legs and corner braces off the table. We used a 1x4x8 for the apron(?).
Taylor spent some time glueing, painting and staining her new project.

A few minor calculations...
the finished bench is 4 feet long by 15 inches deep.

and finished.

Now it has a new home,

 in Taylor's Dining Room!

ann marie

01 July, 2011

Laundry Room Updated

It was time to make my laundry room more attractive to me.
It's come a long way since we bought the house 3 1/2 years ago.

You can see it at the very back of the garage.
The floor was concrete and the walls were just studs.
There was no insulation and no sheet rock.
It was really dark and dreary.
We took out the old door that was solid, no windows, and replaced it with  this door and added a doggy door.
Doggy doors are one of the best inventions ever!

In process...

I painted it a whimsical, bubble gum pink because that was my grand daughter's favorite color and I thought it might be fun.

So now it's a little more subdued, and I like it alot.

So refreshing.

It is such a great place to do laundry now.

ann marie