21 January, 2012

Trapunto Anyone?

Trapunto is a form of quilting. 
I came upon this at a local thrift shop today.
It's in excellent condition.
A nice example of Trapunto.

That's an old piece of wood it was stapled to.
I'm guessing it may have been framed once upon a time.
It would have looked great in my dining room, before it was my Dining Room...

Really bad picture!
The details of the back-

Even the fish got stuffed!
You can really see how the stuffing makes the deer have depth.

Here's what it all looks like now.

These deer are hoping to find their "forever" home.
Right now they're spending some time in Etsy Shop.

ann marie


08 January, 2012

Quilt Craziness!!

Remember these?
I put them in my Etsy Shop because I really liked them.
So did a lot of other people!!
So, I had to make about 270 of them between the 1st of November and Christmas.
Back in October, before my road trip with Taylor to Boston, I found this on Pinterest.

I loved that it was a chevron, but I really loved that they used prints instead of solids.
I decided I would make 3 small (app 60"x60") quilts for my grand daughters.
I bought the fabric and started putting them together before the road trip.
I wanted the grandbabies quilts to have vintagy looking fabrics.
This is what they look like.

To add to my craziness, I had decided to make three more quilts.
One for each of my daughters.
I found my inspiration quilt on Steve's blog,

This is what they ended up with on Christmas morning...

Andrea wanted Gold & White.

Marquis wanted Red & White and Taylor wanted Navy & White.
I only had time to make the tops.  Well, most of the tops.
I still have to add about 5 rows to each quilt.
I hope to get them finished in the next few weeks.
Hopefully before next Christmas!
Let's keep our fingers crossed...

ann marie