28 May, 2011


I have a pair of nesting
 Cardinals right outside my front door.
About 2 1/2 ' away.

Everytime I look out the window I see her sitting patiently.
They make me slow down and smell the roses.
I snapped this while she was away.

These are the second pair of nesting birds of the season for my front porch.
I have a pair of sparrows up by one of the lights.
We must be bird friendly.
Good thing the cat doesn't go out front!

ann marie

24 May, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

Taylor's cottage...
progress is being made.
We got a few things up in the dining room.
She wanted mirrors.

Except for the large oval mirror on the left, all the mirrors and frames were under $2.
She loves them.

We painted the mirror she had at school with her and used it in the bathroom.

There's so many things to show you guys.
Her garden.
Her new puppy.
Furniture makeovers.
Here's a preview of one of her projects.

More to come. Soon.
ann marie

21 May, 2011

Taylor's Graduation!

We are so proud of her!

Taylor graduated last Saturday, the 14th of May from Hendrix College.
She received a BA in Environmental Studies with Distinction.
It was a hectic couple of days.

We reserved a UHaul to be picked up Friday morning in Conway.
We got a call from a location about 25 miles away from there Thursday, while we were driving the 9 hours it takes for us to get there.
The trailer we were supposed to pick up had been stolen from their lot.
It was graduation weekend, and trailers were not to be found.
We had to get all of this back to Texas, and Plan A was to leave after graduation on Saturday.

We had to pack all of this on Friday.

We were very lucky.
Eddie, at the Maumelle Uhaul went above and beyond for us.
He went to someone's home to get a trailer for us.
He was wonderful and saved the day.
So, after graduation, we hit the road.

It was a great ride home.
Lots of good music and conversation.
Taylor and I drove the Honda.
Marc drove the truck and was happy to listen to whatever games were on the radio.
The Queen Anne's Lace was blooming from Little Rock to Dallas.

We'll miss visiting Hendrix. Taylor had a great 4 years there, and Arkansas is a beautiful state.
                                          What we saw of it reminded us of New England.

                                                 Taylor's back home now, job hunting.

More on what's going on with her cottage soon!
She's been busy.

ann marie