15 April, 2014

Dark and Dirty....House, that is...

So,  we're getting started on our next project.
After all, we just finished our addition way back in October.
This poor little cottage needs love...lots and lots of love.
The following is what we're starting with.
I'm warning you...this is not pretty.
Let's start with the kitchen.
Gut job...total gut job.
From the kitchen we go into the living/dining room.
The paint color was ivory...
this house has been lived in by the same family since the 70's...
they have been smoking in here since the 70's.
Next is the sunroom.
There are two bedrooms and one bath...and a hallway.
Looking at these pictures on my monitor makes me think this house is very photogenic...
it's 10 times worse in person.
Here's what the front looks like without the ramp.
If you have any ideas for exterior paint colors, don't be shy!
There are a few reasons why we're tackling this little house.
It's in the same neighborhood that we live in...Aviation Heights.
It was built the same year our home was built...1951.
It's the same floorplan as ours with a few minor changes.
Last, but not least, this house is right next door to ours!

This should be a very interesting journey.
The House Next Door Project
ann marie

04 April, 2014

Garden Happenings

she's really a Souvenir de la Malmaison...bourbon rose...
and gorgeous.
A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Here you go!
Texas Redbud
a happy oak hydrangea
Early garden...sans squirrel activity ;)
baby cucumbers
baby summer squash
I also planted white eggplant, purple bell pepper, pumpkin, watermelon, and about 6 different heirloom tomatoes...
and all my herbs of course.
Should be a fun time in the kitchen in a few months...
if the squirrels cooperate of course :)
oh, and here's a sneak peek at what may be our next project...
ann marie

16 January, 2014

New Master Bedroom

This new Master Bedroom has such a calming effect
as soon as you walk into it.
It's quiet and soothing...not a bad thing for a bedroom.
As with everything else we added or changed while doing this addition...
it just makes us happy.
Everything in this room is either furniture from family
or something found on the side of the road...
the needlepoint stool at the foot of the bed...
Rug was a church yard sale bargain.
The oversized brass lantern came from the Habitat ReStore.
I just took the glass panels out of the sides.
I'm going to get the candle sleeves that Joan over at For The Love of a House
has used...will give it a more vintage look I think.
I finally found a place for my vintage Jacobean fabric.
I reworked the panels to fit my windows and also made box pleated valances.
I am very happy that I was able to use it in here.
The furniture was my parents'.
We were lucky to get them as hand-me-downs when they bought a new set
about 30 years ago.
I still love it.
I wish the headboard were taller.
Boxsprings and mattresses were a lot thinner back then.
Maybe I can piece the headboard with 2x4's so I can get the extra height we need.
It really is too pretty to be hidden behind pillows.
There's still some tweaking to be done,
but we're loving this room.
ann marie

20 December, 2013

New Guest Room

One of the benefits of our new addition is that we now have
two Guest Rooms.
This one is geared more toward the Grand Daughters :)
It used to look like this...
Here it is now...
We found the beds at an estate sale.
The finish was in horrible shape.
One bed had been stained a darker color and the other had parts of it that was sun bleached.
A little bit of black paint fixed all that.
This room is so cozy and comfortable.
We have gorgeous knitted throws at the foot of each bed.
Marc's mom makes these and we can't have enough of them!
We also have a dark grey one in our Master Bedroom.
Love them!!
Simple bedspreads...very old fashioned.
There's still some tweaking to do, but the girls are enjoying
playing in here.
We're enjoying not having all their toys
scattered all over the Living Room :)
Ok...we still get some of the toys in here.
ann marie


15 December, 2013

Master Bath...Check!

We are officially finished with the addition!
We've passed our final inspection and written the last check!!
To say that we love how it's all turned out would be a major understatement.
Here's our finished Master Bath :)
Asparagus Fern and shell from Chappaquiddick.
Marc's grandfathers shaving mug from the barbershop
he had for so many years.
Old lamp now being used as a towel stand.
This bathroom is only about 6' 12" wide.
We get the best light in this house.
Best part of the shower...rain head shower...12" wide...
pure heaven!
Annabelle and Matry like Memere's tub too!
ann marie