15 April, 2014

Dark and Dirty....House, that is...

So,  we're getting started on our next project.
After all, we just finished our addition way back in October.
This poor little cottage needs love...lots and lots of love.
The following is what we're starting with.
I'm warning you...this is not pretty.
Let's start with the kitchen.
Gut job...total gut job.
From the kitchen we go into the living/dining room.
The paint color was ivory...
this house has been lived in by the same family since the 70's...
they have been smoking in here since the 70's.
Next is the sunroom.
There are two bedrooms and one bath...and a hallway.
Looking at these pictures on my monitor makes me think this house is very photogenic...
it's 10 times worse in person.
Here's what the front looks like without the ramp.
If you have any ideas for exterior paint colors, don't be shy!
There are a few reasons why we're tackling this little house.
It's in the same neighborhood that we live in...Aviation Heights.
It was built the same year our home was built...1951.
It's the same floorplan as ours with a few minor changes.
Last, but not least, this house is right next door to ours!

This should be a very interesting journey.
The House Next Door Project
ann marie

04 April, 2014

Garden Happenings

she's really a Souvenir de la Malmaison...bourbon rose...
and gorgeous.
A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Here you go!
Texas Redbud
a happy oak hydrangea
Early garden...sans squirrel activity ;)
baby cucumbers
baby summer squash
I also planted white eggplant, purple bell pepper, pumpkin, watermelon, and about 6 different heirloom tomatoes...
and all my herbs of course.
Should be a fun time in the kitchen in a few months...
if the squirrels cooperate of course :)
oh, and here's a sneak peek at what may be our next project...
ann marie