22 June, 2011

French Sevres

They are most definitely not perfect.
They've obviously seen their share of mishaps.
And someone has taken the time to put them back together-Humpty Dumpty style.
I think they did a pretty good job too.
When I walked into GW today,
They called my name, loudly.
Both are hand painted and signed.

There are also marks on the inside.

They're 18 1/2" tall and very graceful.
I think the little details are amazing.

I'll be taking them apart, very carefully, so I can realign the gorgeous handles and base and clean them up a little.
I realize there's not much value to something that's been broken and put back together, but I really feel like I got my money's worth with this pair.
$3.99 each.
Love doesn't have a price, right?

ann marie

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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous. I would have snapped them up also! Mended, or not, they are perfect! xo Diana


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