21 June, 2011

First Day of Summer...Really???

For those of us in my little corner of the world, it's been summer for way too long already!
When I started the truck Sunday afternoon, the thermometer registered at a whopping 116 degrees!
As I started driving, it dropped to a much cooler 107.
And to add insult to injury, we really haven't had much rain since around Christmas.
It did rain while we were in Arkansas for Taylor's Graduation, but not very much at all.
So, it may be an understatement to say my garden is not having fun.

We started with such hope!
Planted our seeds and seedlings.
Everything seemed fine.

Since this photo was taken on the 17th of April, everything has grown.
See that little tomato plant in the cage in the far right corner?
This is what it looks like today.

At least 5 feet tall, and  I haven't seen one little yellow flower yet!!
The leaves were curling, so I didn't water as much.
Hasn't really made a difference.
And yes, that is a mermaid sitting atop the tuteur.
Here's what my summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers look like.

Not bad right?
Other than a few small onions, this is the only thing I've been able to harvest.
I thought there would be so much more.
And that the whole process wouldn't be such a challenge.

It was delicious!
Now something's eating all the blossoms off  of the squash.
I'm trying to not use chemicals...any suggestions?
This peaceful, relaxing gardening experience is driving me crazy.
No rain, extreme heat and insects...
last year's squirrel issue doesn't seem too bad right around now!

ann marie


  1. It is kind of disheartening isn't it? To get everything planted with such high hopes and then have the weather do a number on you! We have NO plants this year because it has been TOO cold and we have had too much rain at the wrong time. I hope you get some rain soon...start the rain dance and I will send the clouds your way! Hugs-Diana

  2. the lack of rain is seeeeriously driving me and my plants crazy!


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