30 July, 2014


The last major project to tackle in our
house next door was also the one we were most skeptical of.
When you start with a wood floor that's been exposed to cigarette smoke
for over 50+  years...God knows how many years of dogs peeing on the carpets that covered it...and last but not least a couple of areas that were damaged by water.
It most definitely wasn't pretty :(
Let me refresh your memory :)
Even our very talented floor refinisher had his doubts.
They started by sanding the floors...3 times.
Twice with sand paper and the third with screen.
They sanded the perimeter of all the rooms and hand scraped the corners too.
They even sanded all the thresholds...these guys were wonderful.
And let's not forget about that big hole in the floor where the floor heater was...
I love watching truly talented artisans work their magic.
There was a LOT of dust in here after all that sanding!
Someone had to vacuum ;)
Decisions, decisions...what color to stain the floors.
Couldn't go light because even after sanding there was still some areas where the stains still showed.
We chose Dark Walnut.
The picture above is where the floor heater was!
The final results after one coat of stain and two coats of semi gloss polyurethane.
Gorgeous...Stunning...Unbelievably Beautiful!
My floor guy was in disbelief and this is what he does day in and day out!
This is one happy house :)
ann marie

05 July, 2014

New Memories...4th of July 2014

All of our girls and their families were with us for the 4th.
All their girls too :)
We are 5 house away from Pickrell Park, Schertz Texas.
The 4th is our Holiday.
There's a BBQ competition that friends compete in...
Small town America parade...
Throw in a few extra kids and Ice Cream Cone cupcakes with chocolate frosting...
We are a family that has always appreciated what our military members have done for our country.
My husband retired as a Chief Master Sergeant after 27 years in the Air Force serving this country.
His dad served in the Korean conflict.
My dad and my uncle were/are (once a Marine, always a Marine) Marines in Viet Nam.
my dad served in 3 branches of the military...
My brother and his wife both retired after 20 years in the Air Force.
Thank You
ann marie