12 April, 2011

More Cottage Progress...

OK, Taylor graduates in 4 weeks.
I have company coming out to visit the weekend before.
I'm making progress, and running out of time.
Oh well.
I've been painting the exterior this week.

When we closed on the house.

I still have the bed on the right side of the door to finish.
That's on tomorrow's list.
Here's the front entry...

We kept the door that was there, dings and all.

There is now R-30 insulation in the attic.
There wasn't any insulation at all.

The damaged sill plate was repaired and new wood siding installed.

Custom made drip thingy.
Even the overhang on the back of the house was removed.
Previous owners moved a door from the laundry room to the kitchen.
The overhang was
a: ugly
b: totally useless
and finally, I couldn't run a straight line of rain gutters!

There are now appliances...Yay for cold water!
CL find.
GE glass top stove
Whirlpool side by side
Vent hood
They're not that old, the owners were updating to Stainless.
Cabinet hardware's on.
Mostly straight.
That's what you get with cheap labor- me.

Don't mind the chips (2) on the stovetop.
For someone that can figure out how to do just about anything, this was just stupid.
Put your stove in the bed of the truck and don't tie it down because you figure it's pretty heavy and won't go anywhere.
Not so.
Once you hit 70 MPH, it goes somewhere.
It almost flew out of the truck.
I'm sure the driver behind me almost had a stroke, I know I almost did.
It tipped over in the bed.
All I could envision was a broken oven window or cooktop.
Just 2 chips.
Please learn from my idiocy.
ann marie


  1. Things are looking wonderful!!!!

  2. This is really turning out well. Taylor's a lucky girl getting to move into a new place.

    That sill was scary! The drip thingy is called a water table.

    I think a cocktail is in order this evening.

  3. Great progress. When we were getting ready to remodel our kitchen on the cheap, we moved all the appliance out to the porch. Hubs and his bro had the stove on a cart and at the point they were about to get out the door, it fell. Crashed. Broke my door. Really huge chips on the top surface, etc. I called around to by parts and it was crazy expensive. I justified getting new appliances :) I just wish I scoured CL before hand. People give away awesome stuff.

  4. OMGosh- My hubby had my favorite leather chair in the back of his truck and it flew out and smashed to smithereens. I could have smothered him!!! Thank goodness your stove just got a couple chips. You can buy porcelain paint to cover chips you know-it will look as good as new. Did you try it and everything still works?

    The house is looking great- hardly recognize it from when you started. GREAT JOB! Chips, dents, dings and all! xxoo Diana

  5. It looks amazing Ann Marie. I'm wondering when you'll be available to come do my house? ;0) You deserve a vacation somewhere for all your hardwork.


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