29 April, 2011

Dining Room Gets a Makeover, Again

So, I'm on Dining Set # 3.
That's just since we moved in 2 years ago!
I first had this old Ethan Allen set that I bought from a neighbor about 15 years ago.

The wood chairs are the ones that go with the table.
They are all at Taylor's house now.
I replaced them with this set.

I loved this set, but didn't realize how LARGE it was til I got it home.
I had to turn the table on the diagonal, and we still had a hard time maneuvering around it.
We lived with it for a few months.
Then, yesterday Marc and I went to an Estate Sale.
They had some beautiful things.
Like the petite settee that I have absolutely no room for.
However, the Dining Room caught my attention.
The chairs were more in scale with what I wanted.
They have a French influence to them, at least I think so.
They're a Drexel Heritage set, although I don't know exactly how old .
And the seats are all needlepoint flowers.
I put a bid in on it,
and got the call yesterday afternoon to come and pick it up.
This is what it looks like now.

The room still needs a few changes, like the apple green lampshades.
It feels and functions so much better.
Set #2 was listed on CL last night.
It is now living in an older rock home by the lake.

ann marie


  1. Ann Marie- That set is very similar to the one I inherited from my hubby's grandmother and now my daughter has it. I'm not sure when she got it but it might have been her wedding set. She was married in the late 20's..but I bet they got it after they moved into their corner house in town...and that would have been mid to late 40's. My hubby was born in 1950 and it was there when he was a child. Our seats had a tropical bright green print on them (no kidding) and when I went to reocber them underneath were the exact same needlepoint seat coverings that you have...and in excellent, like new shape. My dd loves the size of the set as it does not overpower her dining room either.

    You did good!!!! xxoo Diana

  2. That was RECOVER the seats not reocver them!;<(

  3. I think this table/chairs are the best yet!
    I love the seats so much. I had a table like that but went to a farm table-I miss the old table now! Love the bath tile in Taylor's cottage. I live in Florida and found it at Lowes but I am not finding any large tiles (to go with the floor)to go in the shower area.
    I hope you enjoy your new table/chairs!

  4. Ann Marie,

    I couldn't help but laugh when I read the post about your dining room set. I moved from San Antonio last year, but have continued to follow your blog. You and I would have gotten along so well. Sometimes you find something and just know that it will be the perfect fit. So nice that Craigslist is available to us so that we can make these changes without spending too much money, since we can sell the old. I love being able to change things up and it's easier to let things go when you can find a good home with someone else who will enjoy them as much as we did. Have a great rest of the week! Congratulations to Taylor! --Debra


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