25 April, 2011

Velcro Dog

This is Rizzo.

I know, not funny.
She is a mini silky wire-haired dachshund.
She has a wonderful personality.
When we moved into this house, she weighed in at 18 lbs.
That's a bit much. I'm not judging, I'm just saying...
Her ideal weight is around 12 lbs.
After a few months of chasing those dang squirrels, she now weighs around 11 lbs.
Yeah, she looks good and she knows it! 
She loves being around people, but one of her favorite peeps is Em.

She is so tolerant.

Really tolerant.

This is her "Gangsta" look.
The other girls do not mess with her when she
has this kind of attitude.
Seriously, would you?

For some bizarre reason, she likes turning her bed upside down on top of her.
She looks like a turtle waddling around
the living room.
She's weird.
And every once in awhile,
she turns superheroish.
Velcro Dog!

Everything sticks to her.
She's come in with feathers stuck to her.
Dried Asparagus fern fronds.
Unmentionable things she's rolled in.
This time, she has pollen strands from the pecan trees.

And the best part?
Everytime she comes in the house, she drops all this c**p/stuff all over the place.
So much for Spring cleaning!
Love you Rizz.
ann marie

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