17 April, 2011

Garden Beauties

It seems that Spring is well on its way to Summer.
We've had warm temps and no rain for quite some time.
That hasn't stopped my yard from blooming like crazy.
It probably has a lot to do with my plants becoming established.
I certainly do.
My Hydrangas...

My Amaryllis.
I actually took the pink ones with me from the old house.
The red ones in the first picture were here when we bought the house.
They were in the side yard just struggling to sprout leaves.
Goodness knows how old they are, this house stood empty for 7 years.
They're a very hardy flower.

I wish you could smell these!


This rose was planted over 2 years ago, and I thought it died.
Until it came out of nowhere this Spring.
That's why I'll leave plants in that I think might be gone.
Sometimes they can surprise you.

My Peonies have come up again this year, but so far no blooms.
Maybe next year.
The Hollyhocks weathered the winter and have come back stronger than ever.
Never had blooms on these either.

Now all I need to find is a Lilac that will thrive here and I'll be in Paradise!

ann marie


  1. I think you have two months on us. The amaryllis comes up every year like tulips? Seems so strange. My peonies are just poking their little red heads up out of the dirt.

  2. Beautiful blooms and plants. Peonies are fickle! If they are planted too deep or not deep enough they won't bloom. They also will not bloom without ants...I didn't believe that until I went to the botanical gardens here...they do need ants. Who knew? xxoo Diana

  3. lucky lady! :) but i'm looking forward to lovelies, too! do you know of any garden linky parties or perhaps you'd enjoy hosting one?

  4. Hi, Thanks for inviting us over.

    Your garden looks beautiful and I'm in love with your gardenia.

    I just planted one, in a topiary form, in a pot outside. but in Virginia it's strictly an annual.

    Good luck with the lilac dream:)

  5. Have you heard of the Persian Lilac--they will grow in Arkansas climate and smell lovely! I had one, but my dog would not stop digging it up!


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