28 March, 2011

DIY Shutters and House Colors

It's been a few hectic weeks here lately.
Who am I kidding, it seems to always be hectic here.
Taylor was home for Spring Break.
Andrea and Caroline visited from Boston.
Caroline hung out with her cousins,
Emry and Matry!

There has been progress on Taylor's cottage, too.
Paint colors were finally chosen.
Thanks Andrea.
This is what we chose.
Remember before?

This is where we're at right now.

I went to HD and picked this up.

A couple of hours, some paint and screws and this is what I accomplished.
Shutters and trim around that tiny awkward window!

I also made shutters for this window.

I've planted some plants and will make the beds around them, kind of backwards, but the weather is perfect for planting right now.

I still have lots to do, like paint the sides.
But I am making progress.
Taylor will be moving back home in 6 short weeks!
Can't wait.
Here's one more before and after.
The magic of paint!

Today's progress.

Sorry if I rambled.

ann marie


  1. It looks amazing! I love how the colors turned out :)

  2. oh it is looking so sweet. and those children are so sweet! lucky you with all those grand children

  3. Love it! The colors are great and I love the shutters!!

    Window boxes would be so pretty too!

    Great job!

    Lou Cinda

  4. It looks great Ann Marie. You're doing a fabulous job. Makes me want to move.

  5. Great shutters! Love your fur babies. I have 3 myself.

  6. It looks wonderful! What a change! I'll bet you just can't wait until you get her "home"! xxoo Diana

  7. What a wonderful difference a little paint and some shutters do. Good job.

  8. The kids are totally adorable!

    Also love the shutters. They repeat the pattern in that one window which is really cool.

  9. Putting the custom shutters is truly a good idea. Your house is definitely more appealing now and the color choice is great. I just love DIY projects! This is really a successful one.


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