13 February, 2011

To Paint or Not To Paint?

I've been looking for a chandelier for the Cottage dining room.
And my self imposed budget is pretty small.
I like the challenge of finding something I like or can tweak for a nice price.
Maybe that's why I love Goodwill!?
This is what I found this week.

It came with the funky little shades.
I think it'll look a whole lot better without them,
a little more contemporary.
It's heavy, a silvery light brass metal.

There's no plastic.
It's traditional and modern.
It was only $29.95.

So, the dilemna is, do I keep it as is?
Or do I paint it.
Maybe something along these lines?

I found these on

One more decision to make.

ann marie


  1. I would paint it even if it was white or black I saw one painted on hgtv and it was a chocolate brown very pretty

  2. I would probably paint it myself...but that is just me. I would most likely do a cream and some antiquing on it. My daughter did hers and it is beautiful...She put shades on it with beads along the base of the shades..so it has kind of that little bit of bling to it too. Good luck deciding. Of course, once you paint..there is no going back! xxoo Diana

  3. I'd like it in cream - be sure to show us!

  4. What does the renter say? What other metals are going to be in the room? Just a few curious questions. I guess if they wanted a contemporary look then leave it alone, but more cottage then paint it. Good luck. I'm sure it'll look fantastic no matter what you decide to do.

  5. Go for it. Either white or brown are my choices.


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