22 February, 2011

Cottage Kitchen in Shambles

So, last time Iposted about the bath in Taylor's cottage.
She chose the floor tile and the fabric.

I've since moved on to the kitchen.
Why am I jumping to another room re-do when I haven't finished all the little details of the bath?
There's a sound reason.
Our insurance company is sending someone out to appraise the house.
They need a $ amount to insure the property for replacement value.
They were kind enough to extend the visit a couple of weeks.
I really didn't want this to be what they would be shooting for as replacement cost...

I think the replacement value at this point would be somewhere around "crack house".
While it isn't finished, here are some kitchen update photos.
I'm going to go scrounge up some Naproxen.

How do you like that "custom" secret hiding place?

Remember Geometry?
It actually came in handy!
Today, I finished cutting all those small annoying pieces and then grouted.
Then I cut the marble tiles for the countertop and mortared them on.
The hard part was cutting 3/4" pieces for the back of the counter.
Marble is my favorite for a countertop, but it doesn't play well with the wet saw!
And then I started painting the cabinets.

There will be a range hood of some sort over the stove, at least that's plan A.

Not too shabby for a couple of days work.
The kitchen definitely feels bigger and brighter.
Tomorrow I think I'll paint the rest of the cabinets,
add molding,
and maybe start thinking about what I want to use for the floor.
And I'll hook up the sink.
You've got to love old houses.
ann marie


  1. Wow, you're handy to have around! The tile looks amazing! I'm very impressed.

  2. Every time I open one of your posts I am amazed at what you accomplish!

  3. Truly amazing work. The backsplash is beautiful. Very very fun and totally brightens up the space.

  4. Please come directly to 56 Pine.......... Yes, I'm in desperate need and you're doing such a wonderful job.

  5. the bath is looking gorgeous and the kitchen is sure to match! You are very talented, I don't know that I would even tackle tile on a diagonal... oh yes I do, I wouldn't! Can't wait to see more, and I would have snatched up those pillowcases from the estate sale too! xoxo


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