13 February, 2011

Bath Progress

Progress has been somewhat slow, but I am getting some things accomplished.

There was an "Oops" moment.
As I was ripping the floor up, I also ripped out the toilet flange.
You know, the thing that the toilet attaches to so you don't tip over...

After trip #3 in the same day to Lowe's, I fixed my little demolition mishap.

It was really cold out, so I improvised.
This actually worked really well.
This tile went down easily and it has the vintage look I wanted for a very reasonable cost.
I used gray grout to accentuate the tile pattern.

This was a pretty quick project.

We changed out the toilet.

We put in a larger vanity.
This will be skirted soon.
After several more trips to Lowe's,
the toilet was working, the sink had running water and the tub spout was re-attached.
I decided to bring in a little contrast to all that white.
I painted the top of the wall gray, and I'll install a chair rail, hopefully this week.

I'll probably install the new baseboard at the same time.
We're getting there.

ann marie


  1. I really, really like the floor tile. You were certainly a mover and a shaker lately.

  2. Wow! You did a great job. Looking forward to the reveal.


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