04 February, 2011

Snow Removal-Texas Style!

John Deere to the rescue!
There was speculation that he may be spreading deer feed for traction.
Who knows.

We woke up to this.

A dusting of snow.
That fell over freezing drizzle.
That has brought San Antonio to a complete standstill.
Most major highways are closed.
Schools and Colleges closed.
No garbage pickup.

We went for a walk to see the neighborhood.
Someone beat us to it.

The roads were pretty much solid ice under all that pretty white stuff.
Marc bit it only once, sorry Taylor, I didn't get a picture of the tread marks!
It's hard to believe we were at 80 degrees this past weekend.
Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment.

Car. Stuck.

Here's Taylor's cottage.

I'm going out to enjoy the snow.
It won't be around very long, and we've been here 20 years and we have never seen this.
ann marie


  1. Enjoy it while you can - it's a treat when it doesn't stay around too long.

  2. I would be happy to send you all the snow you want in the future...just say the word and it shall be yours...;>) Hugs-Diana

  3. We got about 3 inches of snow today - expect more next week! Love your renovations! Would you mind telling me how you removed the popcorn ceilings? I've been a little concerned they might contain asbestos. Did you spray them with water before scraping?


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