26 January, 2011

Windows Make a World of Difference

This is a long overdue post about our windows.
There were a few that were still the old wood ones.
The rest were old aluminum single pane.
Somewhere along the line the house had been painted using a spray gun, and there was overspray on most of them.

I changed this one and the one on the other side of the door out myself.
That's when I decided I wouldn't be able to do the rest by myself.
The aluminum windows were difficult to remove, and the new windows were so much heavier.
The new windows are single hung low-e vinyl.
They are so much better at sound proofing.
They definitely help with the heating/cooling situation here in Texas.
And now I can see out the windows!
So much more light comes in too!
Here's an in progress before & after.

While we were at it, we changed up the wall of windows in the Dining Room.
We went from this,

to this,

and finally, to this!

We added a window to the garage/family room.

The new windows have added so much charm and coziness to our home.

Money well spent!
ann marie


  1. Your windows and french doors are fabulous. What a huge difference. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your cottage is gorgeous. And, yes, windows do make a huge difference. We were in the window business for many years and I know how much energy savings you get with new windows...to say nothing of how pleasing they are to look at. Good for you-Money well spent! Hugs- Diana

  3. light it makes all the diffrence. It is looking so sweet.

  4. Looks great. I said the same thing when I got my new windows....I can actually see out. Then, my BIL reminded me that if I can see out that well ~ people can see in that well!! HA!


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