03 January, 2011

Sticky Situation...

Once upon a time, in a cute little house, a crime was committed!

was glued down all over these!

and these,

The only place we haven't found glue residue is in the hall closet.
Here we found a wonderful example of ugly.
Just ugly.

Sooo, in order for this little house (ok, me) to live happily ever after,
I need help.
Not that kind of help.
Not yet at least.
I need help/advice/magic with this...

Glue residue.
Have any of you ever had to remove this?
Did you just sand it or did you use a chemical/solvent to remove it first?
I'm trying to not reinvent the wheel and save myself a few white hairs in the process.
The only wood floor we haven't uncovered is the dining room,
and what are the chances they didn't use glue there too?
ann marie


  1. It's a nasty, dirty job whichever way you look at it. Have you gotten quotes to sand and refinish? I did my whole house (four rooms and two halls plus stairs) for about $1000. And that's here in the expensive city. It was SO worth it.

  2. I think it's time to call in the pros - unless someone comes up with a really good idea. What about your local home DIY centre. Perhaps there's a new piece of equipment that would be just the thing.
    Good luck!

  3. My husband helped my grandmother and his sister with their wood floors, I suggest just sanding it, you don't want to risk the solvent soaking into that gorgeous wood and ruining it! Rent a commercial sander, you want all your floors sanded and smooth before you refinish them anyway and the glue is essentially just on top.

    Then MOP on the new stain and then varnish. So DIY!

    But...that closet...YUCK!

  4. We have done both- sanded and used chemicals. Sanding seems to work the best but be prepared to go through TONS of sanding disk paper...It gunks up almost immediately. The last one we did we had someone come in and do professionally...By the time we rented the sander and bought all the paper,etc. it didn't cost much more to have someone do it...and then we put the finish on ourselves. With home remodeling and sales being in a crux state right now you might be able to hire someone on the side very reasonably. Good luck! Hugs- Diana

  5. Oh what a job, but it's going to look fabulous when you get done. It's going to be fun watching you redo this little house. Hmmm... never done floors but I would think the sanding would take it off. Good luck!

  6. Nothing to do but sand it...they made this glue to stay forever!!!


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