04 January, 2011

Habitat ReStore Treasure Hunting

We stopped by our local Habitat Restore yesterday.
We were looking for a vintage front door for the new project.
Taylor spotted 2 of these windows.
One side is green.

The other side is white.
They're about 36"x48" and in perfect condition.
$24.95 each.
We couldn't pass them up.

She also got these two vintage medicine cabinet doors.

They'll probably be used as decorative mirrors in the bathroom.
They really made things so much better back then.
I guess that's why they're still around and in wonderful shape.
And remember this chippy painted corner cupboard.
It looks like it has a new home in the guest bedroom.

And, last but not least, I picked this table up.

It had been on CL for quite some time, and the price just kept going down.
I finally called on it yesterday and it was still available.
I love the base of this table.
Oh, and because it was only $25,  I love it even more!!

The decision now is, do I paint it or leave it the way it is.
It's not like I'll be doing anything to it any time soon.
I'm on baby (Caroline) watch.
Today is Andrea's due date.
I'll be up in Boston freezing my toes off any day now.
At least we hope it's any day now!

ann marie


  1. LOVE those windows!! I would have snatched them up too and figured out what to do with them later! lol The table is also great! I would paint it, but that is just how I roll! lol

    Good luck with baby watch!! Stay Warm!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Those windows are a fantastic find. And that table? GREAT piece. I would have a hard time painting it because the wood is so beautiful on this particular piece. However, once painted it WOULD be beautiful too.

    Congrats on the baby-to-be and watching Baby Caroline-they do keep us on our toes, don't they? Hugs- Diana

  3. Love the windows.
    Love the mirrors.
    Paint the table.
    Bring your boots.

  4. I covet those windows and that corner cabinet..

  5. We love the ReStore! I have a stack of windows waiting to go on my little back garden retreat - all from the ReStore, and there are bits and bobs around the house that were sourced there. Isn't it a great place?

  6. Oh those are great finds. How fun, how fun...


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