30 December, 2010

We've Closed on the Cottage!

We closed on our new project!

We're starting with the interior. Plan A is that Daughter #3 is going to rent the Cottage from us when she graduates in May.  That being said, she is certainly putting a lot of sweat equity into her future home.  She has chosen all the paint colors and will choose bath floor tiles. She's decided on simple exterior colors and we'll work on that after we get the interior finished.  Here's some of the progress we've made.
Master Bedroom Before


The floors seem to be in good shape.
we have some glue residue to remove from them.
It seems someone thought it was a brilliant idea to glue indoor/outdoor carpeting to oak flooring.
And, while we're on the subject of brilliance, why would anyone think painting pretty much a whole house this color was a good idea?
If you're going to spray the whole dang house one color-make it WHITE!

here's the Guest Bedroom.


Hallway, before.

OK, not really.
Maybe I should call this an in progress.
The ceiling has been painted and hardware installed since I took this picture.
I just don't have a picture of that, yet.
On my to-do list for tomorrow.

I have in progress pictures of the Dining Room and Living Room.
Dining Room

And this.

I think someone yanked the curtain rod right off the wall.
One of my favorite DIY items is drywall mud. Gotta love it. Patched the holes in the wall, and we'll be more careful when we install drapery hardware. Here's what it looks like today.

This is actually the other side of the window, but there was a matching hole here too.
Here's the progress I've made on that gorgeous popcorn/glitter ceiling in the Living Room.
A definite improvement already.

We've replaced the AC/Heating and are hoping to get a rebate from the State of Texas.
We have to re-grade the backyard.
This was a bank owned property and there was no Disclosure because of that.
We have a wonderful neighbor and she filled us in on the story of this house.
That's a whole other posting.
We now know that the Living Room has water "issues' when there's a large amount of rainfall.
And we have Carpenter Ant damage behind the shower wall enclosure.
We've yet to see what was done to fix said damage.
On a more positive note,
our new neighbor, Maria, seems to be an amazing cook.
So is her 12 year old granddaughter, Tori.
Tori brought over a Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting the other day. While it kind of fell apart,it was still warm from the oven,  it was delicious!
Today Maria brought this over.
You might want to have a napkin handy.

Homemade tortillas.
Beef & Potato Tacos
Chorizo, Cheese, Egg Taco
And this too.

Homemade salsa with my favorite-
These were the BEST tacos we've ever had.
And we've eaten lots of tacos.
And we live in Texas.
Yeah, they're that good!
                                                     It's wonderful having great neighbors.
I'll keep you posted on the cottage.
It's going to be so pretty
There are so many great ideas we'll borrow from wonderful blogs.
Thanks for all the inspiration!
ann marie


  1. Congrats! That seemed really quick and you're making fast progress. Would Maria like to visit Boston?

    Happy New Year, Ann Marie!


  2. Ann Marie- I can't wait to see it done. I love rehabbing. We have rehabbed 13 houses that we have actually lived in. You are doing a great job...it is going to be wonderful. Hugs-Diana

  3. Wow - what a project you have there. I'll follow this with interest....lucky daughter!

  4. I can see how adorable this cottage is going to turn out already! Thanks for sharing the transformation, can't wait to see your next installment.

  5. Hi-
    I am so glad I found your blog-
    I am also a Texas blogger (South Texas).
    Happy New Year-
    I'll be back.

    White Spray Paint

  6. I look very forward to seeing the wonders you perform on this little cottage - I have loved your work on your own home too. Those tacos do look delicious, and I LOVE homemade salsa, (and yes, I am drooling on the keyboard, lol). Thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to more installments !

    (another Texan - the hillcountry between Blanco and Wimberley)

  7. I think this is a great place to renovate.
    You will do an amazing job after seeing what
    you have done with your own house.
    Good luck and I will be checking in to
    see the progress!


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