04 July, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!

This is what it's all about!
5 year old munchkins and how excited they get about the Parade!  We lucked out weather wise, Alex brought us rain all week, but none yesterday. However, it was a little humid. Not all that comfortable, but we did have a breeze!  Here's a few images of our parade.

Honor Guard

Our tax dollars...well spent.

We have a brand new Library that just opened a few months ago.

Our law enforcement officials bragging a little.  We all got a kick out of it though.

This little guy was the cutest!
He was walking down the street with his Cub Scout den shaking everyone's hand and wishing them a Happy 4th of July.

Local businesses also participated in the parade.
We have 2 High Schools here, and they both marched and played.  They're both very good.  And then the "Drill Team" marched by us.

I was rolling, but I loved it!  We were at the end of the parade route, and I'm guessing there were lots of other people taking pictures along the way.  That or they were a bit punchy after walking for an hour and a half in the humidity!

I love people with a sense of humor!

Our local Trailriders.

Along with their Chuck Wagon, it looks like they bring their own "Facilities".  For the Gals & the Cowboys.  I wonder if the Drill Team helped them put this together...

Pooper Scoopers.
Hey, someone has to do it!

We live 5 houses up from the park.  This is where the Schertz 4th of July Jubilee is taking place.  Good food, music and demonstrations of local talent taking place Friday evening thru Sunday night. It all ends with our fireworks display that we'll watch from the front yard.

If you're thinking about purchasing a cold adult beverage, you'll have to show the police officer some ID,  regardless of how old you are.  My husband got carded...that really doesn't happen to him very often lately!
I hope that all you guys and Daughter #1 on MV and Daughter #3 in Arkansas have a happy and safe
4th of July!!

ann marie

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