20 July, 2010

Studio Progress-Kind Of...

Can you believe we're halfway through July?!?
I've had the "grandgirlie" with me a couple of weeks this summer. I had a blast, hope she did too. This last week, she helped me with a project. I haven't had much of a chance to work on my studio. I'd love to be able to give you a good reason why that was, but I don't have one. Oh well. Anyways, this is what we started with one morning this week.

The two of us put the shelves together, and just as we were about to start dragging my stash out, Daughter #1 called.  We were shooting the breeze for a few, and then Daughter #3 called.  I turned my back for a few minutes, and this is what I saw.

She was tired of waiting on me and proceeded to set up housekeeping for her family...5 baby dolls, and 4 of my yardsticks-9 children total.  Every time I had to measure/cut something, I had to ask her to borrow a baby!  And, she puts all of her "babies" down for naps on the floor with a blanket over them.  Really over them, picture a baby blanket on the floor with a bump(baby) in the middle-baby is UNDER the blanket.  I feel like there should be chalk outlines around each one. Even the yardstick babies are covered up.  I don't get much work done when the whole floor is covered and I have to watch where I step!
But I digress.
I had all my fabric in bins-about 13 or 14 to be exact.  This made it really difficult and impractical to access what I needed when a brilliant idea popped into my head. I headed over to Lowe's and found these very inexpensive shelves-minus a 10% military discount. I pulled all the bins out and popped that shelving against the wall and secured them to the wall with screws-just in case they started to lean forward.

As I emptied bin after bin, it felt really good to have easy access to all my fabrics.

I have to say though, I made a really big mess out of my studio.

It was so worth it.  One thing checked off the to-do list.
 Still on the list, painting this piece.

I'm trying to decide if I should paint the walls in here a color other than white.  So many choices, not a clue as to what would work at this point.  I also have the wall of fabric that hides all my fabric and sewing machine.

I'm not loving it, but I do like that it hides all kinds of stuff.
I'm open to suggestions and inspiration if you have any!
ann marie



  1. AHHHH organization. Isn't it so blissful?

  2. What a sweet memory for you and your grandbaby!
    Open shelving is wonderful for visibility.
    Why don't you just tack some lace panels on the top of each rack? You could use velcro strips, so you could remove them if needed.
    I'm always rearranging my fabrics, too!

  3. My little granddaughter does the same thing with my Raggedy Ann collection. They all go down for naps in the craftroom floor and down the hall, covered with a blanket. She separates the ones that can't be together and warns them to keep their hands to themselves!
    About the paint color...in my former home I used Walmart's Antique White which is a very pale gold/white with a white/white on the trim. If it blends with your yellow in the floors, that might be an option for you.

  4. It always feels good to get a job done or at least underway. Your gandgirlie is sweet. I love when they play dolls

  5. And I thought I had a lot of fabric! I always move mine around and really also need some open shelving to see it all. I love to have stacks of pretty fabric sitting around -
    I would keep the walls white - I think it's a calm background for all the patterns in the room.
    Can't wait to see it all done - in between play time! :)


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