28 July, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...

                                                                 It's finally happened!
Year after year, I'd go home (Rhode Island) to visit, and to collect the dried flower heads of Queen Anne's Lace.  I'd bring them home to Texas and try my hardest to get them to grow.   Year after year, failure!  This was really frustrating to me.  I love a good garden challenge, and this was one of those plants I could not get to grow.  Heck, up until this year I couldn't even get them to sprout.  This time things were different for me. I scattered the seeds in a flower bed outside our bedroom window.  I certainly didn't have any high expectations, but when all the seedlings popped their heads through the soil, I couldn't stop smiling!

To a lot of people, these are just weeds, wildflowers.
They are one of my favorite flowers, and I missed them. 
They don't grow wild here, at least I've never seen them. 
 I would check daily to see how these guys were doing. 
Last week was another milestone.

Little flower buds!!
A few more days of sunshine and showers and this is what my little flower bed is looking like.

Finally, I have many of these...

Life is good.
ann marie


  1. My mother can grow these but she just gets her seeds from the side of the road where we normally see them blooming. Do you they bloom wild in your area? That way you wouldn't have to travel so far, of course I know it's good to be going back home too.

  2. They're selling them at Whole Foods for about $8! I'm pretty sure they're the flower of a wild carrot. We always considered them weeds growing up but I would welcome some in my cottage garden.

  3. One of my favorite wildflowers! Beautiful.

  4. Yea! I'm so happy for you...I know what a good feeling that is.
    Queen Annes Lace grows everywhere here - the country roads run right through fields of them. They really are the prettiest wildflower and look beautiful tucked in little vases.

  5. Beautiful! Hooray for Queen Anne's Lace.

    I am one of those that gets a bit giddy when something is growing and it is a bit bigger each day.

  6. Good morning, Ann Marie. Thank you for stopping by my Little Toy Car post. Of course I had to pay a return visit to see who this woman with such good taste might be! I'm glad to read that you've finally had success with the Queen Ann's lace, loved your workroom and just might get The Great Dane to copy your table - whew!
    I'll be back because I'm now a follower.


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