21 July, 2010

Studio Worktable Re-Vamped!

A little more has been completed in my studio.  I reworked my table. It was functional, but not much inspiration.

I had quite a bit of that pink and white seersucker fabric that I used on the settee.  I know, sometimes I just don't know when to say no to more fabric!

I played around with some pieces of tatting I forgot that I had, but re-discovered when I went through all my bins of fabric here.

Most of these are so intricate. 
 My Grandmother showed me how it was done, little bobbins are all I remember.
 Here are a few examples of what I have.

Can you imagine the patience it took to create these?!?
I still felt the table needed a little more to finish it off. 
I pulled this out, starched it really well, and threw it on.

Another $1 yardsale find.It boggles my mind that some people don't know what they have, so I'm glad it found a home with me!
I'm really happy with the final result. And it felt wonderful to cross something off my list of "what I need to do"!

What should I tackle next...
ann marie


  1. Those are beautiful and your right that sometimes people don't appreciate how much time has gone into making them!

  2. I've seen those old and beautiful doilies matted and framed in a few different magazines lately. I think it's a great way to honor our grandmothers who did this intricate and tedious work. Looks like the studio is really shaping up!

  3. I love the new table skirt - it's exactly what your room needed. It's so charming and I love the little doilies...I can't imagine how much work goes into making one. My grandmother gave me all of hers and I cherish them. I used to have them stored in my closet but now I display them around the house. Your room is looking good!

  4. Perfect!! Don't you love it when it works out that way?

  5. How about tackling a good book and a bath?

    Your new work space looks so lovely. And yes, I do know what it takes to make that lace. I unsuccessfully took a short 6 evening tatting class many, many years ago. I sucked at it! But I know how much work it is. Lovely!

  6. Hi, I just love your work table and how you displayed the tatted pieces . The skirt and overlay hanging down adds just that touch. Your house is so charming and I love the outdoor bath.


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