04 August, 2010

Goodwill Art

I love paintings.
I love drawings.
Charcoal..love it.
Pencil, pen & ink..love it.
I even like old prints.
I love Goodwill.
It's like my own personal art shop.
These are my recent acquisitions.

This watercolor is only 1 3/4"x 1 3/4". It's so detailed for such a tiny painting.
It was framed in College Station, TX. There's a little stamp on the back and it cost 9 dollars and change to mat and frame back then.

I like landscapes, they always seem to remind me of someplace we've lived.

I found these over the course of the last 6 months or so.

This could have been painted at a friend's ranch we visit.

Geraniums are one of my favorite flowers.
This canvas has wonderful color and I smile whenever I look at it.
It makes me happy.

I picked this one up today.
I love snow. 
I'm a New England girl to the core, and I really miss living there.
I feel a little closer to home when I see paintings of winter scenes.


I think this is a really well done watercolor.
It's only 7x10, and the subject matter is rather simple, but I love it!

These are the beginning of my gallery wall.
One of the best things about them?
They were $1.99...or less for each of them.
I also picked up this print.

This is a print of a village in the Austrian Alps.
 We briefly visited the Austrian Alps when Daughter #1 was married a few years ago in Germany.
Breathtakingly beautiful!!
This is a nice size, too.
This was such a splurge for me.
I love the thrill of the hunt.
ann marie


  1. The two watercolors are very well done. And the bird's nest is my favorite of the bunch. What great prices!

  2. I love your finds! I am a Goodwill art person
    too! I went just yesterday! I haven't found
    as many originals as you have though. I don't
    have enough wall space for everything though!
    My favorite was a huge map of the Caribbean
    for $9.99! Thanks for the post, I really
    enjoyed it!

    Flora Doora

  3. Very nice indeed! I see many I like but not many that will work in my home....

  4. Those are all so nice. We don't get a very good selection like that...but I'll keep my eye out!!

  5. That's quite a collection - each piece with its own special meaning/reminder. I like the geraniums too.

  6. I collect oil paintings too! I just pop that frame off and hang them 'raw' and love it....

    you asked about my garden pictures on my blog? if you like to search something, in the top left corner of my blog- above my header - there is a search bar - type in potager, or garden - and things will come up...thanks for asking!

    Anne Marie

  7. Funny to read this because I just returned from Goodwill where I saw fabulous art. Much of it looked like some in your post. It is hard not to scoop it all up and bring it home with me.


  8. Love, love, love all the art work you have found. I have to say though that my favorite is the little bird's nest. Just something so sweet and dear about it. I just found you through another blogger and am signing up as a follower. Glad I found you! Diana


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