20 December, 2013

New Guest Room

One of the benefits of our new addition is that we now have
two Guest Rooms.
This one is geared more toward the Grand Daughters :)
It used to look like this...
Here it is now...
We found the beds at an estate sale.
The finish was in horrible shape.
One bed had been stained a darker color and the other had parts of it that was sun bleached.
A little bit of black paint fixed all that.
This room is so cozy and comfortable.
We have gorgeous knitted throws at the foot of each bed.
Marc's mom makes these and we can't have enough of them!
We also have a dark grey one in our Master Bedroom.
Love them!!
Simple bedspreads...very old fashioned.
There's still some tweaking to do, but the girls are enjoying
playing in here.
We're enjoying not having all their toys
scattered all over the Living Room :)
Ok...we still get some of the toys in here.
ann marie



  1. The details on the beds are great. And they look very current in black.

  2. Very lovely Ann Marie. You have such a great eye for details. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

  3. What a pretty room, I'm sure the girls love it! I have those old fashioned bed spreads too, I like that they're washable and I can change out pillows, etc. for the season.



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