01 April, 2013

Upsizing Our Downsize Home

This is where we started 5 years ago...
we put a lot of love and hard work into her and this is
how she looks now.
This house has been a great size for us until about a year ago...
when the Grand Daughters were babies the size of this house was OK...
Then they started walking and running and playing  and needed someplace to nap etc.....
We also love to cook and entertain at home, especially when Mark and Andrea and Caroline and soon Grace are visiting us.
We wanted a bigger kitchen that could accomodate more than 2 people at the same time...
and when I say 2 people that's really pushing it.
My kitchen is 9' x 11'.
It will be 11' x 23'.
Oh, and we're going to have a dishwasher!!
We also needed somewhere for them to stay.
Four people in one bedroom was beginning to be a problem.
So, we decided to go ahead with plans to add on to the house.
We'd been thinking about it for the last couple of years.
This is the original layout.
Same as it was the year it was built-1951
So with lots of excitement we got our first set of "plans".
The dark line you see is the original wall of the house.
We now have the plans and things should start rolling this week!
There are lot of decisions to be made, but we have a really clear vision as to what the finished rooms will look like.
That being said, there will be some tweaking I'm sure.
Hope you enjoy the journey with us...
I hope we enjoy the journey too!
ann marie


  1. Nice! The master bedroom suite looks awesome. This is a BIG job but at least it looks like you can isolate the construction a little although you'll be without a kitchen for awhile. I feel your pain and excitement.

  2. Well, they're going to do most of the building of the addition before knocking through the kitchen wall...we've also been told it'll be about 90 days start to finish so we're keeping our fingers crossed :)

  3. Congratulations, Ann Marie. You will love having more room with the kiddos, etc. How exciting-xo Diana

  4. Very exciting! Thanks for sharing at Modern Cottage Mondays at Curate:). Best of luck with your renovations. We just completed a year long remodel of our cottage home. Totally worth it!


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