16 January, 2014

New Master Bedroom

This new Master Bedroom has such a calming effect
as soon as you walk into it.
It's quiet and soothing...not a bad thing for a bedroom.
As with everything else we added or changed while doing this addition...
it just makes us happy.
Everything in this room is either furniture from family
or something found on the side of the road...
the needlepoint stool at the foot of the bed...
Rug was a church yard sale bargain.
The oversized brass lantern came from the Habitat ReStore.
I just took the glass panels out of the sides.
I'm going to get the candle sleeves that Joan over at For The Love of a House
has used...will give it a more vintage look I think.
I finally found a place for my vintage Jacobean fabric.
I reworked the panels to fit my windows and also made box pleated valances.
I am very happy that I was able to use it in here.
The furniture was my parents'.
We were lucky to get them as hand-me-downs when they bought a new set
about 30 years ago.
I still love it.
I wish the headboard were taller.
Boxsprings and mattresses were a lot thinner back then.
Maybe I can piece the headboard with 2x4's so I can get the extra height we need.
It really is too pretty to be hidden behind pillows.
There's still some tweaking to be done,
but we're loving this room.
ann marie

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  1. Beautiful! I love all the patterns; they really warm up the space. The drapes really turned out well too. They look very expensive. Really nice room!


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