15 December, 2013

Master Bath...Check!

We are officially finished with the addition!
We've passed our final inspection and written the last check!!
To say that we love how it's all turned out would be a major understatement.
Here's our finished Master Bath :)
Asparagus Fern and shell from Chappaquiddick.
Marc's grandfathers shaving mug from the barbershop
he had for so many years.
Old lamp now being used as a towel stand.
This bathroom is only about 6' 12" wide.
We get the best light in this house.
Best part of the shower...rain head shower...12" wide...
pure heaven!
Annabelle and Matry like Memere's tub too!
ann marie


  1. That turned out really nicely. Love all the tile. It's the mirrors that really make it unique though.

    Love the photo of the kids looking at the tree on your header. That's very sweet.

  2. It is wonderful Ann Marie. Congratulations! xo Diana

  3. It's stunning Ann Marie. Just love what you have done. Congratulations!

  4. this is gorgeous. I love the combination of old fashioned but modern. It is a timeless bathroom.

  5. Visiting from the YHL forum. Love it! It's so beautiful. Great choices. I want your tub!!!


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