30 October, 2013

Short and Sweet Hallway

When the architect designed the new space,
we had a tiny space connecting the kitchen, powder room and master bedroom.
Signed bird print over the desk-yard sale.
Brass rooster, there are two-estate sale.
We've had this little rolltop desk and chair for over
25 years.
We lived on base when we were stationed at Hanscom AFB over 25 years ago.
We lived on a cul de sac.
One day I went out to empty the trash and one of my neighbors was putting this desk and chair
in the trash.
They had just bought their daughter a new desk from a local furniture store
and didn't want this little treasure.
I literally dragged it and the chair home right then and there.
I was afraid to leave it out there even for a few minutes :)
Trash picking/dumpster diving...
well worth it :)
ann marie


  1. GLAD you got that little desk and chair. It is just adorable...glad you trash picked it. The hallway looks great. xo Diana

  2. How cute.... the things people throw away!!


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