25 October, 2013

Monkeying Around in the Powder Room

Now that we're wrapping this little adventure up,
the rooms are getting finished and it looks like
they've been here forever :)
We chose this Rain Forest Marble for the Powder Room vanity.
Add to that the world's most petite sink.
Thank goodness I don't have to wash dishes in this sink.
I love the Antiqued Brass faucet we used too.
I found some antique wall sconces on Etsy...
rewired them...
ordered candle sleeves and other parts from Lumiere Candles Inc.
threw some crystals on them...
I thought I'd ordered wallpaper that was not pre-pasted,
so I was a little surprised when it arrived.
I scrambled for something large enough to put the wallpaper in to get it wet.
Hey, it worked just fine.
I can remember this Madonna at my grandmother's home.
I have it now and I really love it.
There are so many memories associated with it.
It's so nice to have more than one bath...
especially when we have company...
Football day :)
Sophie's happy it's almost finished too...
really, she is.
ann marie


  1. It looks wonderful, ann marie. You did a great job on the room and the kids are darling- xo Diana

  2. Great choices. The bathroom looks so cozy and well done.

  3. Really nice. You do good work. I used one of those plastic storage bins to wet my wallpaper when I did it. Great minds think alike!


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