20 June, 2013

Powder Room Selections...Changes

A few posts back I played with some ideas for the Powder Room.
I've decided to use my Vintage Jacobean Fabric elsewhere.
So...here are my more refined choices :)

Travertine Porcelain tile similar to this.

We're still using this Oak dresser as the vanity.
Mirror too.
One of these on each side of the mirror. 
This Antiqued Brass faucet.
We decided to not use Marble in the Kitchen,
so we're using it in the Powder Room.
We're using Rainforest Brown...
it's hardness is between Marble and Granite...
and Marc chose it..and we both think it's beautiful and exciting for such a little room!
We're using a remnant piece so it was somewhat affordable.
It will have a rectangular undermounted sink.
It will also have a 6" backsplash and both ends will have a curvy detail.
Just a gentle scrolly thing on the left and right edges...I couldn't find a picture online...
maybe we're starting a trend here?
There will be white beadboard that will go about 3' up.
And I'm thinking wallpaper above.
Something like this maybe?
or this?
We're of the mindset for this little room to
"go big or go home"
At this point I think we're set except for the wallpaper...maybe...
what do you think?
ann marie

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  1. I think you have a great eye for design and no matter you do it will out looking stinking cute. Go for it. I like the peacocks over the monkies though.


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