08 June, 2013

Kitchen Selections

I think we've chosen our Granite.
Very exciting!
My first plan was to use Marble.
I don't know where this picture originated, it's all over Pinterest though.
Granite won out over Marble though.
I wanted light colored granite.
I like how the counter doesn't cut the room in half horizontally.
We went to the indoor stone yard.
Twice...ok, three times.
Translate-Air Conditioning in Texas in June :)
I keep going back to these slabs.
Greys, creams and some white.
Some motion and veining.
I think this is it.
Kashmir Cream
It should work nicely with my backsplash selection.
Cabinets will be a soft white, similar to this-
I'm using knobs on both doors and drawers.
Drawers will have two each.
Like this.
Antiqued Brass Knobs.
My flooring will be the 18" Porcelain Travertine
laid on the diagonnal.

The flooring will be on the light side also.
Light and bright with lots of windows.
And Crown Molding...

ann marie


  1. Gorgeous....gorgeous....gorgeous- xo Diana

  2. Just finished catching up on all that's going on at your house. Congratulations and good luck. Living in construction is no fun. But I hope everything goes well for you. Love all of your ideas.


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