05 June, 2013

Gotta Love a Bargain

I've been looking for a replacement vanity for our bath for awhile.
With the house addition construction starting,
I figured it could wait until everything was finished.
Then add this to the equation...
This will work.
I have the other handle...
it was loose and I didn't want it flying out of the bed of the truck :)
I have the missing knob.
There were glass panels in the doors.
They broke at the store.
I'm putting shirred white linen panels on the doors instead.
Of course there is no way I would ever, ever even consider spending that amount on this vanity/faucet combo!
I could see myself spending...
I know, crazy right?
I could ditch the base and use the faucet and still have
a pretty good deal!
ann marie


  1. I like it a lot. You did good and that was a bargain, I think! Love the faucet, too. xo Diana


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