03 August, 2011

Adjustable Wall Sconces??

Have you run across a wall sconce like this before?

It's a sconce that is adjustable.
It's 15 1/2" tall and can extend to 19".
It will hold a rather flat item, maybe like a mirror.
It won't hold a plate.

I wish they would.
A pair of Marc's grandmother's plates look great in/on them.
I wish I had a pair of older mirrors for them.

I tried this charger, it'll do for now.
There's a tiny brass screw that tightens on the side to lock it at the position you want it at.

It has pony/horse heads and oak leaves and acorns.

A rather interesting combo.
Let me know if you've seen these before and what they're supposed to hold.

ann marie


  1. I have never see these but they are pretty.

  2. Never seen them either but love them. I would guess a mirror to reflect light. Could you rest a plate down it the two little leaves at the top of the arms, just below the leaves?

  3. Perhaps a small painting or portrait? Just guessing, but love these!


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