31 July, 2011

Walrus Doctor's Bag

It's actually a bag for a people doctor,not a doctor for a walrus.

I'm having lots of fun shopping for my new Etsy shop, The White Elephant Shop.
I came across this vintage Dr's bag and couldn't pass it up.
I Googled the Dr's name and saw that he graduated from Med School in 1941.
I love Google!
It also looks like it was made of walrus by the Pandora Co in Birmingham, Michigan.
Medicine has come a long way since then.
There are no tools or instruments in it, but it's still very interesting.
It has a top that opens,

with compartments that snap closed.
One compartment has a smaller compartment in it.

I can only imagine what was stored there.

Now to figure pricing.
Here are a few other things I've picked up.

Vintage Miniature Nativity Set

Vintage Hand Hemmed  Embroidered Men's Handkerchiefs

Vintage Unused 1956 Baby Memory Book

I have 4 different scenes of these 1961 prints
of an Antique Chinese Brocade of different birds.
They're quite long and I think they're beautiful!

That's it for now.

ann marie

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  1. those are gorgeous finds and I loves all of it. Thanks for sharing!


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