20 August, 2011

Stencil Wall Transformation-TaDa!!

Remember my kitchen update project??
Well, we kind of did a trial run.
We Guinea Pigged it.
On Taylor's hallway wall.
Started out like this.

Yeah, I know, not too spectacular.
So we began experimenting in our own peculiar way.

Taylor wanted this wall to make a statement.

The first bit of color, our mantra...it's only paint!

I say we, but by this point my fingers are pretty much stuck together.
As I sit here typing this post, my fingers are sticking to the keys!
Anyway, Taylor has a puppy, Noble, who obviously wanted nothing to do with this whole project.
That was fine with me, the last thing I wanted was to pet a shedding dog with sticky hands!

We used regular wall paint and had a wee bit of seepage, Taylor thought it just looked more like an Ikat pattern and who was I to argue with that logic/rationalization.

This cottage is under 1000 square feet, so you have to get creative in how you use space.
This is Taylor's makeup table.
She uses a jewelry box that her Memere gave her years ago
to keep her makeup in.

So, the question is...
mirror, centered or off center???

In real time it took about two hours and we had some great mother/daughter time.

ann marie


  1. LOVE that wall! You did a bang up job on it! I like things centered-but that is just me-and for practicality I suppose it would "work" better off to the side? xo Diana

  2. It looks fabulous. I totally love it. What a great idea. Her little dressing table is fabulous. Such a cute spot. I like the mirror off center, just me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful stencil job. Off centre looked fine (shows different angle of hallway).
    - Joy

  4. What a stunning wall! It is just beautiful. Well done.

  5. Looks awesome from here. What a big impact. I'll bet it was real pain though. Easier or harder than wallpapering?

  6. what a wonderful statement wall I am a girl who like the mirror in the middle but the lamp is in the way so on the side would work better.

  7. How great this looks! I would keep it centered, but that is my quirky love for all things that way.

  8. Oh this looks fabulous! I love the girly pink, and that pattern is beautiful! I want to do this on one of my walls, but I cannot decide which one!
    Found you on Chic on a Shoestring!

  9. I love your wall! The burst of bright pink is so fun. I really like the mirror off center for some reason. I voted yours as my favorite on Mod Vintage Life. Thanks for sharing!

  10. WOW....I never would have thought to put the mirror off-center, without something else hanging there. But I like it that way....I say off-center. I was a lil skeptical seeing the color of the pink paint ~ but once it is all put together ~ I like it. :)

  11. This looks great! Love the stenciled wall...I say Center for sure!

  12. I featured this today on Mod Mix Monday! Love it...so fresh and pretty.


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