10 August, 2011

Artwork Finds...

I found a couple of special pieces,
at least they are to me.
I'll get to enjoy them for awhile.
The first one is colorful and vintage.
They're all vintage.
Must bring back childhood memories or something.
This is hand painted on silk, I think it's signed and has stamps on it also. It's sandwiched between two pieces of glass in the frame.

The colors are so clear.

       Peonies and birds, it doesn't get much better than that.
 It puts a smile on my face.
I think the next one is a lithograph.
It's by George Hitchcock,
Girl with Flowers.
It also has old wavy, seeded glass.
It could be the original glass it was framed with.

I've hung her with my Grandmother's Madonna picture.

I think she likes it there.
And my last one is a tapestry.

It was done by the La France Art Company.

It so reminds me of the villages we visited when we were in Europe a few years ago.

And the detail of the stitching amazes me.

The frame has a faux tortoise shell finish and what seems to be a little gilding.
I love it.
I'll enjoy looking at it until it finds another home.
I can't keep everything, and I can't stand to think wonderful things may get trashed because others don't appreciate them.
So, some things will end up in my Etsy Shop.
Some things I'll keep, at least for awhile.

ann marie


  1. Ann Marie- What treasures. Love the tapestry! xo Diana

  2. Love all these, especially the one with the gorgeous color and peony!


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